FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I seeing a journal article, book and e-book available for the same title?

All of now's Foundations and Trends ® content is published in three formats: journal, e-book and print book. Each version differs in its functionality and price. This enables customers to purchase the content in a format that best meets their needs and budget.

How do I purchase a book/e-book?

Navigate to the "book details" tab and click either the "buy e-book" or "buy book" button. Either "continue shopping" to add more books/e-books or "proceed to checkout".

Create a new account

If you have not purchased content from now publishers before, please create a new account. You will use this username and password to access all of your purchased electronic content and to complete purchases in the future. After completing your purchase, you will receive your username and password by e-mail. Please note that this username and password are for your personal use only.

I already have an account

If you are a returning user, please enter your username and password.

Can I return a book if I am not satisfied with it?

Yes, as long as the returned merchandise adheres to the terms and conditions of now's return policy.
Download the PDF of the Return Policy here.

How do I download my usage statistics?

Log into your administrator account. On the left hand side you will see COUNTER. Click to expand and then click on Counter4. You can now select the dates that you require. Select the output format. Click on "Generate Report" to download the file. It is important to note that we have only been tracking data on this site since May 2013. All usage statistics from before May 2013 are located in our archive – e-mail to request and review previous usage statistic reports.

How do I upload my institutional logo?

Log into your administrator account. Click “Account Preferences” -> “Other”. Enter and save your Logo address information. Please allow approximately 1 hour for any changes to take effect.


Retrieving your selected items and alerts

Signing in to your account allows you to create a personal toolbox that you can customize every time you visit the website. Any searches that you perform throughout your session will appear in your personal toolbox. It will also allow you to create alerts and any articles that you star will be displayed. This toolbox will enable you to quickly access articles and create alerts tailored to your topics of interest.

Don't have an account? Click "Register". You will be prompted to enter your basic information and create a username and password for future use on the website.

Requesting E-mail Alerts for newly published Journal Content

Using your personalized account, you can sign-up at any time to receive alerts about newly published content in your area of interest. Simply click on the "bell" alert icon next to the journal title. If you are signed into your personal toolbox account, the request will be added to the e-mail alert list. If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to sign-in before being able to request the e-mail alerts.

Signing up for RSS Feeds

You can sign-up at any time to receive RSS feeds. Simply click on the "RSS Feeds" icon next to the journal title. You do not need to be signed in o your personal toolbox to subscribe to RSS Feeds.

Logging In

“Log-in” to the website with the username and password associated with your institutional or individual subscription. You will then have access to the content to which you or your institution subscribes. If access is already enabled, you will be logged in automatically.

Search history

If you are signed in, any searches you perform will be remembered throughout your session and shown in your personalized toolbox.

Starred articles

Any articles that you "star" will appear in your personalized toolbox.