Foundations and Trends® in Accounting

Volume 7, issue 4

Strategic Accounting Disclosure

This monograph surveys the analytic accounting disclosure literature in which firms strategically communicate information to investors. Its purpose is to identify guidelines that firm management might consider when voluntarily disclosing or mandatorily reporting information to investors and also fac...
Volume 7, issue 3

Competition and Cost Accounting

Two of the most pervasive cost accounting systems for coordinating activities and facilitating decisions within firms are transfer pricing and product costing. These systems allow decentralized decision making that can take advantage of the local knowledge of managers. The choice of transfer prices
Volume 7, issue 2

Speech Analysis in Financial Markets

The ways in which managers communicate information to capital market participants go far beyond financial statements and accounting numbers. Managers communicate economically relevant information both verbally, in documents distributed and available to investors (such as annual reports and SEC fil
Volume 7, issue 1

Explicit and Implicit Incentives for Multiple Agents

This monograph presents existing and new research on three approaches to multiagent incentives. The goal of all three approaches is to find theories that better explain observed institutions than the standard approach has.