Foundations and Trends® in Communications and Information Theory

Volume 10, issue 4

Rate Distortion Bounds for Voice and Video

Numerous voice, still image, audio, and video compression standards have been developed over the last 25 years, and significant advances in the state of the art have been achieved. However, in the more than 50 years since Shannon’s seminal 1959 paper, no rate distortion bounds for voice and video
Volume 10, issue 3

Two-User Gaussian Interference Channels: An Information Theoretic Point of View

The purpose of this monograph is to introduce both classic and recent capacity theorems for the two-user Gaussian interference channel including both the single-antenna case and the multiple-antenna case.This monograph starts with the single antenna case and introduces the Han and Kobayashi achieva
Volume 10, issue 1-2

Concentration of Measure Inequalities in Information Theory, Communications, and Coding

Concentration inequalities have been the subject of exciting developments during the last two decades, and have been intensively studied and used as a powerful tool in various areas. These include convex geometry, functional analysis, statistical physics, mathematical statistics, pure and applied