Foundations and Trends® in Databases

Volume 5, issue 3

The Design and Implementation of Modern Column-Oriented Database Systems

In this article, we survey recent research on column-oriented database systems, or column-stores, where each attribute of a table is stored in a separate file or region on storage. Such databases have seen a resurgence in recent years with a rise in interest in analytic queries that perform scans an...
Volume 5, issue 2

Datalog and Recursive Query Processing

In recent years, we have witnessed a revival of the use of recursive queries in a variety of emerging application domains such as data integration and exchange, information extraction, networking, and program analysis. A popular language used for expressing these queries is Datalog. This paper sur
Volume 5, issue 1

Massively Parallel Databases and MapReduce Systems

Timely and cost-effective analytics over "big data" has emerged as a key ingredient for success in many businesses, scientific and engineering disciplines, and government endeavors. Web clicks, social media, scientific experiments, and datacenter monitoring are among data sources that generate vas...