Foundations and Trends® in Human–Computer Interaction

Volume 7, issue 4

Information Technology for Active Ageing: A Review of Theory and Practice

Active Ageing aims to foster a physically, mentally and socially active lifestyle as a person ages. It is a complex, multi-faceted problem that involves a variety of different actors, such as policy makers, doctors, care givers, family members, friends and, of course, older adults. This review aim
Volume 7, issue 3

Computing and Building Around Tie Strength in Social Media

Relationships make social media social. But, not all relationships are created equal. We have colleagues with whom we correspond intensely, but not deeply; we have childhood friends we consider close, even if we fell out of touch. Social media, however, treats everybody the same: someone is either a...
Volume 7, issue 1–2

Choice Architecture for Human-Computer Interaction

People in human–computer interaction have learned a great deal about how to persuade and influence users of computing technology. They have much less well-founded knowledge about how to help users choose for themselves. It’s time to correct this imbalance. A first step is to organize the vast amount...