Foundations and Trends® in Information Retrieval

Volume 7, issue 4

Arabic Information Retrieval

In the past several years, Arabic Information Retrieval (IR) has garnered significant attention. The main research interests have focused on retrieval of formal language, mostly in the news domain, with ad hoc retrieval, OCR document retrieval, and cross-language retrieval. The literature on other
Volume 7, issue 2–3

Information Retrieval for E-Discovery

E-discovery refers generally to the process by which one party (for example, the plaintiff) is entitled to "discover" evidence in the form of "electronically stored information" that is held by another party (for example, the defendant), and that is relevant to some matter that is the subject of civ...
Volume 7, issue 1

Patent Retrieval

Intellectual property and the patent system in particular have been extremely present in research and discussion, even in the public media, in the last few years. Without going into any controversial issues regarding the patent system, we approach a very real and growing problem: searching for innov...