Foundations and Trends® in Networking

Volume 6, issue 4

On the Sensitivity of the Critical Transmission Range: Lessons from the Lonely Dimension

We consider geometric random graphs where n points are distributed independently on the unit interval [0, 1] according to some probability distribution function F with density function f. Two nodes communicate with each other if their distance is less than some transmission range. For this class of
Volume 6, issue 3

Economic Modeling in Networking: A Primer

In recent years, engineers have been increasingly called upon to have basic skills in economic modeling and game theory at their disposal for two related reasons. First, the economics of networks has a significant effect on the adoption and creation of network innovations, and second, and perhaps mo...
Volume 6, issue 1–2

Weighted Sum-Rate Maximization in Wireless Networks: A Review

A wide variety of resource management problems of recent interest, including power/rate control, link scheduling, cross-layer control, network utility maximization, beamformer design of multiple-input multiple-output networks, and many others are directly or indirectly reliant on the weighted sum-ra...