Foundations and Trends® in Signal Processing

Volume 6, issue 4

The Interplay Between Information and Estimation Measures

This monograph surveys the interactions between information measures and estimation measures as well as their applications. The emphasis is on formulas that express the major information measures, such as entropy, mutual information and relative entropy in terms of the minimum mean square error achi...
Volume 6, issue 2–3

Pattern Matching in Compressed Texts and Images

This review provides a survey of techniques for pattern matching in compressed text and images. Normally compressed data needs to be decompressed before it is processed, but if the compression has been done in the right way, it is often possible to search the data without having to decompress it, or...
Volume 6, issue 1

Bivariate Markov Processes and Their Estimation

A bivariate Markov process comprises a pair of random processes which are jointly Markov. One of the two processes in that pair is observable while the other plays the role of an underlying process. We are interested in three classes of bivariate Markov processes. In the first and major class of int...