Foundations and Trends® in Econometrics

Volume 6, issue 3–4

Semiparametric Efficiency Bounds for Microeconometric Models: A Survey

In this survey, we evaluate estimators by comparing their asymptotic variances. The role of the efficiency bound, in this context, is to give a lower bound to the asymptotic variance of an estimator. An estimator with asymptotic variance equal to the efficiency bound can therefore be said to be asym...
Volume 6, issue 2

Short-term Forecasting for Empirical Economists: A Survey of the Recently Proposed Algorithms

Practitioners do not always use research findings, sometimes because the research is not always conducted in a manner relevant to real-world practice. This survey seeks to close the gap between research and practice on short-term forecasting in real time. Towards this end, we review the most relevan...
Volume 6, issue 1

Inference in the Presence of Weak Instruments: A Selected Survey

Here we present a selected survey in which we attempt to break down the ever burgeoning literature on inference in the presence of weak instruments into issues of estimation, hypothesis testing and confidence interval construction. Within this literature a variety of different approaches have been a...