Foundations and Trends® in Finance

Volume 1, issue 8

Valuation Approaches and Metrics: A Survey of the Theory and Evidence

Valuation lies at the heart of much of what we do in finance, whether it is the study of market efficiency and questions about corporate governance or the comparison of different investment decision rules in capital budgeting. In this paper, we consider the theory and evidence on valuation approache...
Volume 1, issue 7

A Review of Taxes and Corporate Finance

This paper reviews domestic and multinational corporate tax research. For each topic, the theoretical arguments explaining how taxes can affect corporate decision-making and firm value are reviewed, followed by a summary of the related empirical evidence and a discussion of unresolved issues. Tax re...
Volume 1, issue 5–6

The Derivatives Sourcebook

The Derivatives Sourcebook is a citation study and classification system that organizes the many strands of the derivatives literature and assigns each citation to a category. Over 1800 research articles are collected and organized into a simple web-based searchable database. We have also included t...
Volume 1, issue 4

Liquidity and Asset Prices

We review the theories on how liquidity affects the required returns of capital assets and the empirical studies that test these theories. The theory predicts that both the level of liquidity and liquidity risk are priced, and empirical studies find the effects of liquidity on asset prices to be sta...
Volume 1, issue 3

Share Repurchases

This text provides an overview of research on stock repurchases. The author presents a personal interpretation of the numerous research results published during the last 25 years starting with a description of the various methods to repurchase stock and the growing importance of buybacks around the
Volume 1, issue 2

Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds summarizes the academic research on hedge funds and commodity trading advisors. The hedge fund industry has grown tremendously over the recent years. According to some industry estimates, hedge funds have increased from USD 39 million in 1990 to about USD 972 million in 2004 and the tota...
Volume 1, issue 1

Financial Markets and the Real Economy

The author surveys work on the intersection between macroeconomics and finance. The challenge is to find the right measure of "bad times," rises in the marginal value of wealth, so that we can understand high average returns or low prices as compensation for assets' tendency to pay off poorly in "ba...