7. Lessons Learnt from INFINITECH Pilots

By Martín Serrano, NUIG-Insight, Ireland, martin.serrano@insight-centre.org | Bardia Khorsand, NUIG-Insight, Ireland | John Soldatos, INNOV, Cyprus | Ernesto Troiano, GFT, Italy | Juergen Neises, FTSG, Germany | Pavlos Kranas, LXS, Spain | Kostis Perakis, UBI, Greece | Alessandro Mamelli, HPE, Italy | Ignacio Elicegui, ATOS, Spain | Dimosthenis Kyriazis, UPRC, Greece | George Makridis, UPRC, Greece | Gisela Sanchez, FI, France | Marina Cugurra, GFT, Italy

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Published: 03 Jul 2023

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The context for this section on Lessons Learnt within INFINITECH is the innovations that we have explored in the project (e.g., in architectures, processes, business models), and how they promote the global creation and sharing of knowledge (influenced by prior innovations such as GitHub and GitLab, open science and open Networks of Excellence). Similar work is increasingly commonly used in agile pilots by governments, large corporations and trans-national researchers to create value for society by combining cross-disciplinary expertise as follows: (a) Insights into ways to create some form of capacity to look forward (e.g., Horizon Scanning), to anticipate and model potentially important changes). (b) Lessons learned regarding how (and how not to) create some form of analysis of joint experience, the better to look back and to look around.