Founded in 2004, now publishers is an international press that has built a reputation among readers, authors, editors and librarians as a source of excellent peer-reviewed publications in Business, Economics, Computer Science and Engineering. As much debate focuses on new business models and delivery methods in scientific and academic publishing, the founders of now publishers have placed their faith in an old axiom of the industry: Content is King. Quality is a by-word for everything we do, from the content itself and the publishing process, to the delivery (print and electronic) to our customer and after-sales service.

Our marquee product, Foundations and Trends ® (FnT) is already acclaimed as a “go to” resource for graduate students scoping out a topic and more senior researchers looking for a high-level introduction to a new area. Each FnT is published as a journal, where every "issue" is comprised of one monograph of between 50-200 pages (average of 120/130) written by research leaders in the field. Each one offers a state-of-the-art review of its subject matter, including a complete bibliography, which is then vetted and validated by a peer-review process. By combining the peer-review of research journals with the high usage of reference works and the pedagogy of textbooks, FnT fulfils an important need in graduate-level education.

In addition to its focus on quality of content, now publishers believes in an ethical approach to the business of publishing and holds itself to the highest standards of openness and fairness. Here are just some of now publishers policies that attest to this approach:

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