13. Blockchain Ledger Solution Affirming Physical, Operational, and Functional Changes in an IoT System

By Alexandros Papageorgiou | Konstantinos Loupos | Thomas Krousarlis

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Published: 30 Jun 2020

© 2020 Alexandros Papageorgiou | Konstantinos Loupos | Thomas Krousarlis


CHARIOT aims to introduce a novel methodology for maintaining security throughout all endpoints of an IoT network. To achieve this, a blockchain-based adaptation of the traditional PKI protocols have been formulated to satisfy the needs of industrial IoT and enhance it as necessary to simultaneously be as abstractive as possible in its design and fulfill the requirements set forth by the enactors of the CHARIOT technology stack. The current technological landscape of identity security in the context of IoT lacks in several areas, even more so when analyzed under the pretense of low-resource devices. The most common solution applied in these scenarios is the use and deployment of a PKI. However, it fails to address the core issues of identity security in high-value low-resource distributed environments since PKI has its shortcomings in certain security aspects by design.