1. Introduction and Motivation

By Burkhard Corves, RWTH Aachen, Germany | Tobias Haschke, RWTH Aachen, Germany

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Published: 17 Mar 2021

© 2021 Burkhard Corves | Tobias Haschke


The contents of this book have been developed within the project “Robots to Re-Construction”, which was funded by the European Union under grant agreement No. 687593. The intention of the project was to automate the removal of asbestos from homes using mobile robots. The aim was to eliminate the risks to human health when removing asbestos manually and to make the removal process more economical. In order to achieve this goal, a European consortium of seven partners was formed to combine the necessary competences in one team. In addition to the main goal of autonomous asbestos removal, there was also the objective to combine radar technologies with laser technologies and to give and implement new approaches to mobile robotics.