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Illiquidity and Stock Returns: Cross-Section and Time-Series Effects: A Replication

Larry Harris, USC Marshall School of Business, USA, Andrea Amato, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, USA,
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Larry Harris and Andrea Amato (2019), "Illiquidity and Stock Returns: Cross-Section and Time-Series Effects: A Replication", Critical Finance Review: Vol. 8: No. .

Forthcoming: 31 Mar 2019
© 2018 Larry Harris and Andrea Amato
LiquidityAsset PricingReplication StudiesPrice-Volume RelationsTransaction Costs

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In this article:
1. Introduction
2. Replication
3. An Additional Analysis
4. Conclusion


This paper replicates and extends the Amihud (2002) study that links liquidity to asset pricing. Using the current version of the CRSP dataset, we obtain essentially the same results that Amihud presents. The same methods applied to more recent data show a much weaker relation between liquidity and asset pricing. Finally, we compare the explanatory power of Amihud’s illiquidity measure to that of other simple measures that use the same data for their calculation. We find that the Amihud illiquidity measure is no better than substantially simpler measures.