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Unexpectedly Mortal: The Effects of Political Violence and Commemoration on Pro-Social Behavior

Vladimir Zabolotskiy, Department of Economics, University of Bologna, Italy,
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Vladimir Zabolotskiy (2022), "Unexpectedly Mortal: The Effects of Political Violence and Commemoration on Pro-Social Behavior", Journal of Historical Political Economy: Vol. 2: No. 1, pp 65-87.

Publication Date: 21 Feb 2022
© 2022 V. Zabolotskiy
Political history,  Political economy,  Autocracy
Political violencecollective memorypro-social behaviorpersistence


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Political Repression and Collective Memory 
Data and Estimation Strategy 
Concluding Remarks 


In this paper, I address collective memory as a potential transmission vehicle and study how the commemoration of political violence might promote the associated effects. I exploit variation in the location of 1930s political arrest sites in Moscow and in the locations of memorial plaques that commemorate these arrests. I find that individuals currently residing nearby the arrest sites are less likely to engage in pro-social behavior, namely online donations. Most importantly, the effect appears insignificant in the absence of commemoration. These findings suggest that commemoration and collective memory revitalization might play a crucial role in the persistence of historical legacies even in transient communities.



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