Journal of Forest Economics > Vol 9 > Issue 1

Economic indicators of sustainable forest management: theory versus practice

Wiktor Adamowicz, Wiktor Adamowicz,
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Wiktor Adamowicz (2003), "Economic indicators of sustainable forest management: theory versus practice", Journal of Forest Economics: Vol. 9: No. 1, pp 27-40.

Publication Date: 0/0/2003
© 0 2003 Wiktor Adamowicz, Wiktor Adamowicz
sustainability indicatorscriteria and indicatorscertificationforest resource accountingeconomic sustainability


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There appears to be a divergence between the conceptual literature in economics on forest sustainability indicators and the practical literature on economic indicators of sustainable forest management. The former focuses on forest resource accounts and issues related to measurement of integrated natural or forest capital accounts. The latter includes some elements of capital accounts but also contains a variety of other community level economic activity indicators. The divergence between these two bodies of literature is evaluated in this paper. Some explanations for the differences are offered as are some suggestions for improvement and investigation in the area of economic sustainability indicators.