Journal of Forest Economics > Vol 9 > Issue 3

Preferences over the timing of forest resource use

Cameron L. Taylor, Wiktor L. Adamowicz, Martin K. Luckert,
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Cameron L. Taylor, Wiktor L. Adamowicz and Martin K. Luckert (2003), "Preferences over the timing of forest resource use", Journal of Forest Economics: Vol. 9: No. 3, pp 223-240.

Publication Date: 0/0/2003
© 0 2003 Cameron L. Taylor, Wiktor L. Adamowicz, Martin K. Luckert
Time PreferenceForest Management ChoicesPublic Involvement MethodInter-Temporal Choices


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The objective of this study is to evaluate preferences for time paths of outputs arising from alternative forest management practices. A discrete choice framework using logit and mixed logit models is used to evaluate stated choices by Public Advisory Committee members over attributes regarding inter-temporal forest management options. Results of the study indicate a relatively strong preference for physical sustainability, or even flow choices. However, respondents appear to be more accepting of uneven flows in recreation services than they are of uneven flows of timber harvests. Results also provide yet another illustration of a difference in implied rates of discount over the goods involved (i. e. timber versus recreation). The paper illustrates a mechanism for use in public involvement exercises that may identify inter-temporal preferences over forest management plans and strategies.