Journal of Forest Economics > Vol 16 > Issue 2

Spatial allocation of forest recreation value

Kenneth A. Baerenklau, , Armando González-Cabán, Catrina Paez, Edgar Chavez
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Kenneth A. Baerenklau, Armando González-Cabán, Catrina Paez and Edgar Chavez (2010), "Spatial allocation of forest recreation value", Journal of Forest Economics: Vol. 16: No. 2, pp 113-126.

Publication Date: 0/4/2010
© 0 2010 Kenneth A. Baerenklau, Armando González-Cabán, Catrina Paez, Edgar Chavez
JEL Codes:Q23Q26Q51Q57
Non-market valuationTravel cost methodGeographic information systemViewshed analysis


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In this article:
Study site 
Estimation of forest access value 
Spatial allocation of value 
Discussion and conclusion 


Non-market valuation methods and geographic information systems are useful planning and management tools for public land managers. Recent attention has been given to investigation and demonstration of methods for combining these tools to provide spatially-explicit representations of non-market value. Most of these efforts have focused on spatial allocation of ecosystem service values based on land cover types, but recreation value has yet to be considered. This article presents an objective method for spatially allocating forest recreation value that is based on readily available data, demonstrates the method for a Southern California study site, and discusses the policy relevance of the method and how it might be extended to other applications and tested with additional primary survey data.