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State of the Art Methods to Project Forest Carbon Stocks

Justin S. Baker, RTI International, USA, , Nicklas Forsell, IIASA, Austria, Greg Latta, University of Idaho, USA, Brent Sohngen, Ohio State University, USA
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Justin S. Baker, Nicklas Forsell, Greg Latta and Brent Sohngen (2019), "State of the Art Methods to Project Forest Carbon Stocks", Journal of Forest Economics: Vol. 34: No. 1-2, pp 1-5.

Publication Date: 07 Aug 2019
© 2019 J. S. Baker, N. Forsell, G. Latta and B. Sohngen


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State of the Art Methods to Project Forest Carbon Stocks 


This special issue provides a broad range of potential methodologies, based in economics, for projecting forest carbon stocks. Papers included highlight new analyses from various economists that have projected carbon fluxes nationally and globally. Through carefully designed research, these authors have provided deep insights into methods that can be applied broadly.



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