Journal of Marketing Behavior > Vol 3 > Issue 4

Conspicuous Consumption of Time: A Replication

Lisa Carola Holthoff, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, , Carolin Scheiben, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany,
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Lisa Carola Holthoff and Carolin Scheiben (2019), "Conspicuous Consumption of Time: A Replication", Journal of Marketing Behavior: Vol. 3: No. 4, pp 355-362.

Publication Date: 29 Jan 2019
© 2018 L. C. Holthoff and C. Scheiben
Consumer behaviorconspicuous consumptionbusynessleisure timestatus


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In this article:
Study 1: Replication 
Study 2: Extension to the Specific Use of Leisure Time 
Study 3: Replication and Extension of "The Busyness Effect and Cross-Cultural Differences" 
General Discussion 
Appendix: Study 1: ANCOVA Results for Perceived Status (n = 425) 


The focus of conspicuous consumption is shifting from luxury goods to time. In a series of studies in America and Italy, Bellezza et al. (2017) explored how conspicuous busyness and lack of leisure time influence perceived status. We replicate their findings in Germany and extend their research by considering conspicuous leisure on Facebook. We find that leisure activities like travel, cultural events, and dining out lead to even higher perceived status than busyness at work.