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The Contribution of Behavioural Insights to Political Economy

Malte Dold, Department of Economics, Pomona College, USA, , Paul Lewis, Department of Political Economy, King’s College London, UK,
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Malte Dold and Paul Lewis (2024), "The Contribution of Behavioural Insights to Political Economy", Review of Behavioral Economics: Vol. 11: No. 2, pp 151-163.

Publication Date: 08 May 2024
© 2024 M. Dold and P. Lewis
Behavioral economics,  Procedural rationality,  Bounded rationality,  Heuristics,  Political economy
JEL Codes: B41, D04, P46
Behavioural public policybehavioural political economyexperimental economicsmethodologywelfare economics


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The Contribution of Behavioural Insights to Political Economy 


This paper is an introduction to the special issue of the Review of Behavioural Economics in honour of Shaun Hargreaves Heap. The essays contained in the special issue explore, via an engagement with Hargreaves Heap’s work, how behavioural insights can contribute to the discipline of political economy. This paper introduces the essays by summarising how they suggest that arguments and findings derived from behavioural economics can be used to address important issues in contemporary political economy.



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