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Response to Peter Buckley's Comment on "Fundamental Issues in Strategy"

David J. Teece, Institute for Business Innovation, Berkeley, USA,
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David J. Teece (2021), "Response to Peter Buckley's Comment on "Fundamental Issues in Strategy"", Strategic Management Review: Vol. 2: No. 1, pp 157-162.

Publication Date: 15 Feb 2021
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International business: Globalization, integration and adaptation,  Strategic Management: Competitive strategy,  Strategic Management: Multinational strategy
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A Systemic Response to Systemic Competition 
Strategic Management and International Business 
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Peter Buckley's comments are of considerable interest and merit. However, they are directed only tangentially to the essence of my paper, which is about important new dimensions of competition, particularly "systemic" competition from China. He suggests that China may have clay feet, and that the West likewise has weaknesses. I certainly agree with the latter, and possibly the former. But we are still left with the questions of whether and how we should rethink basic models of competitive strategy, whether it's Porter's "Five Forces", Rumelt, Barney, Wernerfelt's, "Resource-based approach," or the "Dynamic Capabilities Paradigm" with which I and others are associated. In short, Peter is silent with respect to the new integrated framework I was trying to advance for strategic management scholars. Since no one has hitherto attempted such integration, I had hoped it would catch some attention — and perhaps it eventually will.