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Joint Ventures: The Next Frontiers of Analysis

James Bamford, Ankura, USA, , Benjie Jenkins, Ankura, USA,
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James Bamford and Benjie Jenkins (2021), "Joint Ventures: The Next Frontiers of Analysis", Strategic Management Review: Vol. 2: No. 1, pp 163-177.

Publication Date: 15 Feb 2021
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Collaborative strategy,  Leadership and governance
Collaborative strategyleadership and governance


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In this article:
What Makes JVs Succeed? 
Why Do JV Negotiations Break Down? 
How Do JVs Manage Unique Governance Demands? 
What Makes an Ideal JV CEO? 
How Do Diverse JV Talent Populations Work Together? 
What Types of Litigation Risk Are JVs Actually Exposed To? 


This article presents a set of unexplored or under-explored research areas on joint ventures (JVs) and other forms of corporate partnerships. The authors — experienced consultants who have advised on hundreds of JV-related client matters — offer six topics that are worthy of serious academic inquiry. Topics range from what causes JV negotiations to break down, to what makes for a successful JV CEO, to what types of litigation risks JVs and their parent companies are exposed to. The goal of the paper is to define each topic, survey any relevant existing work, and offer perspectives based on the authors' client experiences. Finally, the paper suggests specific questions or methodologies for each topic that would make the research results most useful to JV practitioners and advisors.