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Innovating Management Innovation

Martin Reeves, BCG Henderson Institute, USA, , Kevin Whitaker, Formerly BCG Henderson Institute, USA,
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Martin Reeves and Kevin Whitaker (2022), "Innovating Management Innovation", Strategic Management Review: Vol. 3: No. 1, pp 157-167.

Publication Date: 07 Feb 2022
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Knowledge, innovation, and technology,  Strategy process and practice,  Research methodology in strategic management
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In this article:
Innovating Management Innovation 
How New Ideas Create Value 
Frictions in the Management Innovation Cycle 
An Agenda to Accelerate Management Innovation 


Prompted by contextual shifts that are reshaping the business environment, managers are increasingly seeking new ways of thinking about strategy. However, a significant gap has arisen between theory and practice in the realm of management innovation, according to our recent survey of experts in the field as well as observations from practice. As a result, several frictions have developed in the "learning cycle" by which new needs are surfaced, solutions are developed and tested in practice, and ideas are refined and amplified. The gap between theory and practice is not inevitable, but closing it will require overcoming misperceptions and changing the contexts in which innovators operate. We suggest several actions that individuals and institutions can take to break apparent trade-offs and improve the practice of management innovation.