Editorial Aims and Scope

The growth in research over the past decades has led to an exponential increase in research publications. Keeping up to date and finding one’s way through this growing literature is a major challenge. While electronic publishing has given researchers instant access to more articles than ever before, which articles are the essential ones to read to understand and keep abreast with developments in a technical field? To address this problem, Foundations and Trends® in Integrated Circuits and Systems publishes high-quality survey and tutorial monographs in the area of theory, analysis, design and practical implementation of (integrated) circuits and systems.

Each issue of Foundations and Trends® in Integrated Circuits and Systems comprises a 50-to-100-page monograph (either one single article or a few articles with a common theme) written by research leaders in the field. Articles that give tutorial coverage of subjects, research retrospectives as well as survey papers that offer state-of-the-art reviews fall within the scope of the journal.

Editorial Scope

Foundations and Trends® in Integrated Circuits and Systems publishes survey and tutorial articles on the following topics:

  • Analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits and systems
  • RF and mm-wave integrated circuits and systems
  • Wireless and wireline communication circuits and systems
  • Data converters and frequency generation
  • Power electronics and power management circuits
  • Biomedical circuits and systems
  • Sensor and imager circuits and cyber physical systems
  • Security and resilient circuits and systems
  • Circuits and systems in emerging non-CMOS technologies
  • Circuit theory, modeling, analysis and design methods