Editorial Aims and Scope

Editorial Aims

The growth in all aspects of research in the last decade has led to a multitude of new publications and an exponential increase in published research. Finding a way through the excellent existing literature and keeping up to date has become a major time-consuming problem. Electronic publishing has given researchers instant access to more articles than ever before. But which articles are the essential ones that should be read to understand and keep abreast with developments of any topic? To address this problem Foundations and Trends® in Management publishes high-quality survey and tutorial monographs of the field.

Each issue of Foundations and Trends® in Management comprises a 50-100+ page monograph written by research leaders in the field. Monographs that give tutorial coverage of subjects, research retrospectives as well as survey papers that offer state-of-the-art reviews fall within the scope of the journal.

Editorial Scope

Foundations and Trends® in Management publishes survey and tutorial articles on the following topics:

  • International business
    • Multinational corporations (MNC) and enterprises (MNE)
    • Foreign direct investment and entry modes
    • Cross culture management
    • International entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer
    • Globalization, integration and adaptation
    • Local and global institutional (influence and development)
    • Trade theory
    • Internationalization process
    • International financial reporting and transfer pricing
    • International finance and investment
    • Market integration
    • Emerging markets and economic development
    • International HRM
    • International marketing
    • International operations, outsourcing, offshoring and supply chains
    • Comparative corporate governance
    • Global values and CSR
    • Global stakeholders, NGOs and the MNC-society relationship
  • Organizational Behavior
    • International culture
    • Ethnic and gender diversity
    • Character and ethics
    • Organizational justice
    • Positive organizational behavior
    • Goal setting
    • Workplace stress
    • Control
    • Wellness
    • Power
    • Transformational leadership
    • Work-life balance
    • Design of work
    • Teamwork
    • Equity theory
  • Strategic Management
    • Corporate strategy and firm boundaries
    • Competitive strategy
    • Corporate governance
    • Strategy process and change
    • Strategic management of technology and innovation
    • Entrepreneurship and strategy
    • Multinational strategy
    • Industry evolution
    • Strategic management of human capital
    • Alliances and networks
    • Stakeholder strategy
    • Non-market strategy